Medicare Wellness Visit

As someone in their second year of Medicare, you’re eligible for an annual wellness visit every 12 months, at no cost to you.

 At your annual wellness visit, you’ll work with Focus providers to develop a personalized disease prevention plan based on your current health and risk factors. Preventive screenings can help you detect many health conditions early, when treatment is most effective. The plan includes a checklist of what preventive services and screenings may be right for you. Use that checklist to schedule appropriate preventive services throughout the year to help you stay healthy.


"Best experience I have had at an urgent care center. I came during a week day but there was no wait and the staff was great. I will be recommending to all."
John Siefert
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"Very please with the care my family and I received here. Never had a wait time . Quicker then any doctors office ive ever been in. Thank you for that."
Samantha Ortiz
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